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UCI EmpowerHer Summit 2021

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Join us for our annual EmpowerHER Summit on March 6, 2021 from 10am-2pm! This interactive summit experience will provide students, staff, faculty, and alumni the opportunity to enagage the topics of radical self-care, professional skill set, and redefining professionalism. We will come as a community to show how to Manifest Collective Power through our stories and skills that will be shared. We will give the opportunity for folx to connect with a mentor or mentee through our program, ConnectHER. Read more about ConnectHER & apply to be a mentor or mentee below! 

Register Here and join us to "Manifest Collective Power" 

About ConnectHER Program

We are looking for UCI staff & faculty from diverse career paths who can share their professional experiences with our students through an informal mentoring session 

The ConnectHER is a mentorship program of the EmpowerHER Summit, that provides students with the opportunity to network with womxn graduate students, faculty, staff, and alumni. All participants broaden and develop strong networks that EmpowerHER! We envision the ConnectHER: Building Together Session during our Summit to connect undergraduates and graduate students with professionals in their desired fields and leave them feeling empowered and inspired to create positive societal change.

Responsibilities of a Mentor:
--Attend the EmpowerHER Summit from 10am-3pm on Saturday, March 6th, 2021.
--Check into the ConnectHER: Building Together Session at least 10 minutes prior to 2pm for the session. 
--Share your story with your mentee
--Time commitment: Serve as a mentor for this specific mentor program, but we encourage you to continue the relationship past this program

 An ideal Mentor is a full-time professional and/or graduate student of UCI with the following characteristics:
--A sincere desire to support undergraduates
--Ability to see solutions and share resources and opportunities

ConnectHER: Building Together Applications
Apply to be a Mentor!
*Deadline to Submit Application: Saturday, Feb. 13th 

Apply to be a Mentee!
*Deadline to Submit Application: Saturday, Feb. 27th

 Please direct all inquiries to the ConnectHER: Building Together Session Lead, Niobe Duke at nduke@uci.edu.

2021 Committee Members

Committee Members:

Udara Abeysekera 
Tanaz Gibbs 
Elaine Andres 
Anusha Nayani 
Kayden Pelly 
Victoria Rocha 
Tanya Zabalegui 
Tonie Zhu 
Nasreen Zia 
Sydney Torres 
Niobe Duke 
Erika Cortez

2021 Summit Schedule

Saturday, March 6, 2021 

Event Platform Opens 

Welcome & Introduction 

Keynote Speaker 

11am- 11:50am
Workshop Session 

Lunch Break 

Workshop Session 

ConnectHer: Buidling Together Session

*Schedule is tentative. Updates to the conference schedule will be announce late February. Sessions may include the following topics: radical self-care, mental health & wellness, storytelling, redefining professionalism. 

Guest Speaker Bios

Coming soon.