UCI Women's Hub

Womxn's Leadership Seminar

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Are you ready to invest in yourself? If you are interested in taking the leap to learn more about Womxn's Leadership this is the space for you.

The Womxn's Leadership Seminar is a 1.3 unit class offered in Spring 2021 by the Womxn's Hub. This course offers students an opportunity to learn leadership skills, expand knowledge around socialization, and develop practice around building sustainable relationships in community. Students will be able to explore a deeper analysis of our own (counter) narratives, gender equity, and the intersections of identity with leadership. The purpose of this course is to expand understanding of the experiences of womxn in leadership and enhance a student’s UCI experience by providing tools to encourage future on and off campus leadership involvement.

The Womxn's Leadership Seminar will be offered in Spring Quarter on Wednesday from 11:00 am - 12:20pm.